Fiftys - American Diner's

Michael J. Fox would have loved it

Back to the future

Restaurant : 35 rue Pierre Guinard (Saint-Nicolas), Le Havre Take away : 6 rue Amiral Courbet (Saint-Nicolas), Le Havre

Whoopies Diner

Eat your heart out Bundy!

Are you ready to order?

16 rue Emile Zola Le Havre 105 rue d'isle Saint-Quantin

Memphis Coffee

Le Havre is where it's at! (Well, it's not Chicago, for sure, but we can talk about it Al ...)

Jukebox and all

Jukebox and all

The good 'ol days
Quai des Antilles

Le New York

In Le Havre and homesick?

Le New York

Check it out on YouTube:

Le New York

144, avenue René Coty 76600 Le Havre